The Wild Horses of the Outer Banks


While vacationing in the Outer Banks, don't miss a glimpse of the famed wild horses.

While vacationing in the Outer Banks, don’t miss a glimpse of the famed wild horses.


All over the Outer Banks in North Carolina, you will come face to face with the beauty of nature. But a glimpse of the wild horses residing in the Outer Banks will give you a sense of wonder and majesty like no other outdoor experience. There are only a few locations in the United States where you can see mustangs roaming freely. So while vacationing, this rare treat is not to be missed.

But what is the best way to encounter the wild horses of OBX? There are several locations along the coast where you can find them. There are also rules of conduct that you should abide by, for the safety of yourself, your family and the horses.


Where to Find the Wild Horses

Wild Horses 3Depending on the breed you want to see, there are a number of locations in the Outer Banks where you can find wild horses.


In one of the northernmost points of the Outer Banks, visitors can take 4-wheel drive vehicles to look for horses or can enjoy a guided tour to these Spanish mustangs.

Ocracoke Island

Technically these wild horses have been penned in, but the fenced land (protected by the federal government) covers 180 acres, and the horses have the sense of roaming free.

Shackleford Banks

In the nearby Crystal Coast of North Carolina, you can get a glimpse of over 100 wild horses that have been nicknamed the Shackleford Ponies.


Respect the Wild Horses

Wild Horses 4There are two important things to remember when going to see the wild horses of the Outer Banks. The first is that they are protected—so don’t think you can keep one, even if it gets friendly. Second, these are wild horses. 50 feet is about as close as you want to be, so bring binoculars and a camera with a good zoom lens for photos. Also, if you have any pets with you, make sure they are properly leashed.


While it may be tempting to do otherwise, keep these three rules in mind:


*Don’t feed the horses

*Don’t touch the horses

*Don’t disturb the horses in any way


Not only is it illegal under both state and federal law, but it can also be extremely dangerous as most of these horses will defend themselves if they feel threatened. Wild horses are an enjoyable site—just remember to respect these wild and majestic creatures.  


Wild Horses


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